Argento Pinot Grigio

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Our Story

Argento is deeply rooted in the soils of Mendoza, crafted with the spirit of Argentina, and shared with the world. Our wines embody the essence of modern Argentina.

We are very proud of our heritage and the unique terroir of Mendoza and we are dedicated to crafting wines that emphasize the hallmarks of the Argento style – fruit purity, vibrancy and elegance.

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Argento is our original range of wines. It was launched to bring a new style of Malbec to wine drinkers around the world.
Always seeking the truest varietal expression, it is characterized by vibrant fruit flavours. Today Argento proposes a wide range of varietals that represent the hallmarks of the Argento style – fruit purity, vibrancy and elegance.


Is a winegrowing region with a combination that is unique in the world in terms of altitude, desert climate, low humidity and natural meltwater irrigation. The Mendoza province is the biggest and most important wine region in Argentina, producing more than 80% of the country’s premium wines. It is located at the foot of the Andes mountain range, on Argentina’s western border, between latitudes 32º and 37º south.

This region’s desert climate is unique, with low rainfall and 300 sunny days per year. Meltwater flows from the Andes to the vineyards as natural irrigation. The low pest prevalence, as well as the low unwanted humidity, rot and fungi mean that the need to use pesticides or fungicides is almost unnecessary. The altitude at which the Malbec grapes and other varieties grow, together with the intensity of the sunlight provides the grapes with intense flavours and deep colours. The resulting wines are fresh, with floral aromas (more precisely, violet notes in the case of Malbec) and a great complexity due to the maturity of their tannins.

Alex’s Notes

Here’s a wine that’s approachable and enjoyable and intended to be drunk young with some food and great company. It comes from the Mendoza region of Argentina where 80% of the country’s grapes are grown. The region is dry and sunny and naturally irrigated from the melting glaciers and so the vines enjoy a stable and consistent environment in which to thrive. This is a classic Grigio style; crisp and fresh with floral and tropical fruit aromas, which are mirrored on the palate before a bright and spicy finish.

Winemaker’s Notes

This refreshing Pinot Grigio offers delicate floral aromas and is light and clean to taste. White stone fruit flavours are complemented by mineral and slate notes typical of fruit from high altitude, cool climate vineyards. The wine finishes with bright, crisp acidity.


  • Los Angeles International Wine Competition 2015


Vegetarian / Vegan:          Yes / Yes

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