Fiore Moscato Pink

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FIORE MOSCATO pink 2017 – Cool Climate Wines from Mudgee.

By keeping the wines in contact with the skins for a short period, they take on a small amount of colour and produce a slightly cleaner mouthfeel, whilst still maintaining the lovely fruity flavour with a crispy finish.

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FIORE MOSCATO Pink 2017 – Cool Climate Wines from Mudgee


Robert Oatley Vineyards was started by Bob Oatley with the aim to craft wines of varietal clarity, character, integrity and focus; wines that reflect the marvellous characteristics of the fruits in a modern and innovative fashion. Fiore is a light and grapey sparkling wine produced by Robert Oatley Vineyards, named after the distinctive floral aroma and flavour characteristics of the Moscato grape.

As always I guarantee the quality of my wines and simply won’t put my name to any wines that don’t meet my strict quality standards.

The grapes used to craft the Robert Oatley Fiore Moscato were sourced from the Oatley family vineyards at Mudgee, New South Wales. It is a crystal clear sparkling wine highlighted by subtle green hues. Rich and floral aromas of roses and sweet spice flow from the attractive bouquet while the palate is juicy and vibrant, brimming with lychee and grape flavours. These flavours and fragrances are balanced by underlying sweetness to end in a spritzy and refreshing finale. This refreshing Moscato has a short-term cellaring potential, and tastes great well-chilled either as an aperitif or served with fresh fruit desserts and fruit salads.

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