Gemtree Obsidian Shiraz

$85.00 inc GST per bottle

Certified organic
and biodynamic
Low preservative
Vegan friendly

This Shiraz is hand crafted, shows the typicity of our great quality vineyards and is nurtured so the purity of the fruit prevails, resulting in a truly remarkable and polished wine.

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Our organic and biodynamic credentials have roots as deep as our decades-old vines because we firmly believe it is our responsibility to improve the land for future generations. Healthy soils lead to a healthy ecosystem and that rewards both us and you with the gems from which we craft our fine wines.


Instead of spraying weeds, we will recruit flocks of sheep to eat them for us or use our dodge plough to pull them out. Instead of spraying synthetic fertilisers, we fill cow horns with fresh manure, bury them and dig them up months later when the manure has transformed into rich, concentrated fertiliser. Rather than hoping our vineyards are not infected by a fungal outbreak, we spray prepared natural ground quartz over our vines to strengthen the cell walls. This makes them fungus resistant while also enhancing the effects of natural sunlight and promoting stronger growth. If a problem occurs in the vineyard, we use a natural preparation spray to solve it, rather than a chemical.

And then there is the moon. Just as the moon causes the tides in the Gulf of St. Vincent, only a few short kilometres to the west of us, it also affects the way our plants grow and produce fruit. We plant, graft and harvest according to the phases of the moon. We do this because we will always endeavour to do everything we can to enhance the quality of our grapes.

Beyond farming biodynamically and organically, we use recycled water in our vineyards and have solar panels to power our irrigation pumps, winery and cellar door. We do all of this for the improvement of our land, so we can pass its custodianship to the next generation in a better condition than we received it. We are biodynamic farmers because we know it is better for our soil, vineyards, employees and the flavour of our fruit. Biodynamics is not magic, but since we have changed the way we farm it has produced some magical results.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 29 cm
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Alcohole Content



15-20 years

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