Hently Farm Blanc de Noir

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As a boutique single estate vineyard, Hentley Farm specialises in producing premium single-block wines from the vines grown on our 150 acre vineyard and mixed farming property.

Here at Hentley Farm, we think of ourselves as ‘winegrowers’ with our winemaking style simply guiding the fruit from vine to bottle allowing the unique characteristics of each vineyard block to shine through. As a result, Hentley Farm produces distinctive wines that display elegance, subtlety, depth and complexity.

With such a key focus being on the vineyard, ensuring our agricultural and environmental practices are sustainable is a key element of what we do.

Since our first vintage in 2002, Hentley Farm has cemented its position as one of Australia’s leading boutique wineries, being awarded the rare 5 Red Stars by acclaimed wine writer James Halliday with the comment, “It hardly needs to be said the emphasis is on quality.”

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Founders KEITH & ALISON HENTSCHKE researched for years to find a Barossa Valley site that would produce world class single estate wines. They discovered the property that would become Hentley Farm, with the sought-after red-brown soils of the Western Barossa, and remarkable diversity of soil types, aspects and altitudes.
Like many of the sites that the world’s best wines are grown on, it’s a marginal site. Keith’s expertise as an agricultural scientist ensured that the establishment of our vineyard blocks, with plantings of clonal material selected for orientation and aspect, best utilized the great variety of terroir that enable us to produce unique single estate and single block wines.
Hentley Farm’s chief Winemaker ANDREW QUIN has taken a slightly unusual road to winemaking, transitioning from his original field of study – horticulture. For Andrew, winemaking provided  an unparalleled opportunity to combine scientific knowledge with his artistic flair, in the pursuit of creating something that others could enjoy….great wine!
In his initial years post-study, Andrew travelled and worked around the Northern hemisphere, starting in California with premium Sonoma producer St Francis winery before heading to the old world where heworked for wine negociant Jacques Lurton in the Languedoc.


Winemaker Notes

The 2016 calendar year produced the wettest winter for 20 years and by the time New Year’s Eve rolled around our weather station had recorded 960mm against a long term average of 430mm!! This rainfall and associated cooler weather conditions resulted in a delightful slow development across the growing season with flowering and subsequent fruit set 2-3 weeks later than recent vintages. Warm and consistent conditions followed with vines balanced and happy heading towards Christmas. A return to cool weather and rainfall continued the trend of slow development with veraison 4 weeks late kicking off. After one last summer drop of 50mm in early February we got the weather we were looking for with dry conditions and good ripening throughout harvest.
The vintage conditions have created outstanding flavour development and natural acidity with the resulting wines showing great poise and balance.

Fruit was pressed with resulting juice oxidatively handled. Most of the juice was cold settled for 48 hours before being racked to stainless steel fermentation vessel, and seeded with a neutral  commercial yeast strain. Ferments were maintained between 12-18°C, with sugar consumption <1° Baume per day. At the completion of primary fermentation, a secondary fermentation was completed in pressure vessel. At completion of the second ferment, the sparkling wine was filtered and ready for bottle.
Pale salmon in colour. Intense aromas of fresh strawberries, raspberries and lemon juice with underlying green apple peel. The palate shows more red berries and citrus interwoven with roast almond and freshly baked biscuits. The palate is full yet fresh, with persistent length and perfectly balanced acidity which leaves a crisp, dry finish.

Aromatics of fresh red apple skins lead to a hint of strawberries and roasted almonds. The palate is clean and crisp with red fruits and a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness .

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