Mesta Tempranillo – ORGANIC WINES

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Organic wines. Sustainably grown.

Mesta’s philosophy, in honouring the name of The Mesta, is to create wines that are representative of the land from which they grow, wines that are “always an authentic and pure expression of their origin and variety”. They use organic and sustainable viticulture methods and respectful winemaking to produce fresh, authentic wines that reflect local growing conditions and culture.

“Their aim is to encourage the growth of a positive wine culture by sharing its benefits”.

Available in 3 packs


Mesta Tempranillo –

A pure expression of nature and heritage

Made exclusively with grapes selected from the best varieties of the Albariño variety, we obtain an elegant greenish-yellow wine, bright and very attractive. Wine of great balance, for its freshness and its fruity tone.

Mesta wines are part of the Fontana Bodegas & Viñedos producers group located in Ucles in Spain. They are a leading producer of Estate wines, owning over 600 hectares, and managing a further 400 hectares of sustainably farmed, high-altitude vineyards in Castile, Central Spain. It has been owned by the Cantarero Morales family for over 30 years.

The Mesta was a powerful alliance of shepherds in medieval Castile, who controlled the “cañadas”: traditional rights-of-way for migrating sheep. to this day, the “cañadas” are protected from being blocked or built upon. Our vineyards are nestled deep in the land of The Mesta, and are still passed over by flocks on their annual migration – a reminder of ancient rights, and a cultural cue for continued co-existence with nature. Through sustainable viticulture and respectful winemaking, we produce wines of great purity, reflecting the unique personality of our land and grape varieties.


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