Torres Vina Sole

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Always fresh

Viña Sol, a white wine that remains as young and fresh in spirit as when it first brought the Mediterranean sun to the World.

Garnacha Blanca

A grape that adapts to warm and relatively dry climates.  It has yellow shades and mature fruity aromas with a hint of broom that offers an original touch.


A traditional fine and delicate Catalan variety. It produces aromatic light dry white wines with gentle fruity aromas


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DO Catalunya

We are privileged to have an important variety of climates and soils in a relatively small area.

The most renowned stocks grow in these lands with very varied climates and soils. These grapes give rise to exceptional wines that have positioned the region in the eyes of all quality enthusiasts. The first Torres winery was built in Catalonia and, encouraged by this thousand-year-old culture, Torres began its expansion by paying homage to the best vineyards in the world, selecting the best estates and seeking the local identity of each land.

Каталония D.O.

“During the early 1960s, after completing my viticulture and oenology studies in France, I wanted to put into
practice what I had learned in Dijon. At a small winery in Pontons, a mountainous area where the nights are
very cold, I first fermented grapes at a low temperature to obtain a fresher and more aromatic white wine.
This fortunate discovery provided the basis for what is now Viña Sol, which we continue to make with
utmost care to this day, half a century later.” M. A. Torres.

Winemaker’s Notes

Grape varieties: Mainly Parellada and white Garnacha
Type of fermentation: In stainless steal under controlled temperature
Number of days of fermentation: 2 weeks
Fermentation temperature: 16°C
Technical data:
pH: 3.15
Total acidity: 4.6 g/L (a. tartaric)
Residual sugar: 1 g/L
Allergy advice: Contains sulfites

Tasting Notes:

Clear bright gold colour. Crisp with fine citrus (lemon)

Excellent as an aperitif or served with rice dishes, seafood or fish. Best served chilled at 10ºC

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