Delivered professionally

Consultancy, Wine Listing, Training & Education and Event Management

Supplying Private Label Wines and Personalised Wine Labels for special Events for any occasions, No job ios too small

To meet the needs of my clients

I am committed to delivering high-level client services with a focus on tailoring services to meet the needs of my clients. I deliver Consultancy, Wine Listing, Training & Education, and Event Management services delivered professionally, based on both a collective of 30 years of industry experience and passion for my work.


I deliver professional consultancy services that provide my clients with technical wine knowledge, marketing strategy and trend analysis.

Technical Wine Advice

Provision of wine assessment for your market suitability and/or venue.

Marketing Strategy and Trend Analysis

Provision of marketing advice available on market trends, market strategy, cellar door sales training, and your market penetration.

Training & Education

I offer comprehensive training sessions for staff in-house or off-site at a location close to your venue, including arranging glassware, wines and or spirits, course material, and staff if needed.

These services can be one-day or evening sessions and can be delivered as a structured course over several days or evenings. The course delivery includes:

  • Training from Introductory to advanced certificate courses
  • Certificate on completion of an exam
  • In-house or off-site training
  • Wine Options for staff functions and wine education without the serious edge
  • Staff tutorials
  • Comprehensive Whisk(e)y training
  • Wine Appreciation Courses from Introductory to advanced certificate

Wine Listing

I provide complete wine lists and/or menu services from design through to print tailored to your own design or complete design format for you.

Services include:

  • Layout and design tailored to your venue
  • Comprehensive wine selection tailored to your venue, client target market, business structure, etc

Event Management

I have over three decade’s experience in organizing, coordinating, and hosting wine events; nothing is out of reach, it all starts with a Blank canvas.

Services include:

  • Planning your entire wine & food event from scratch whether it be a corporate or entertainment event, and always exceeding your guests’ expectations
  • Sourcing the appropriate venue to suit your clientele base or; designing the event around your own venue
  • Co-ordination of everything from the glassware, staff, menus, and invitations through to the hosting of the event itself
  • Conducting and organizing staff training, tutored tastings

Events can be catered for 15 to 100+ people.